Why not say then..."Let us do evil, so that good may result"?

Deservedly are such talkers condemned.

The Holy Bible  Romans 3:8

The following questions need to be answered about the government's case:

1) How did Kaczynski get from Sacramento to Helena, Mt in 2 hours ?

On Dec 11, 1985 a bomb placed in a Sacramento parking lot by the Unabomber killed Hugh Scrutton. The same afternoon Kaczynski pedaled into Helena and deposited the grand sum of $10.00 in his bank account, creating a date time stamp placing him 25 hours away from the site of the bombing  [USA Today]. The FBI's reaction to this was to say they were unable to determine if he made the deposit himself. Huh?

2) How did Kaczynski make the bombs ?

He had no oxyacetylene torch but the bombs all showed evidence of 6300-degree oxyacetylene welds  [USA Today]. Kaczynski had no electricity and no power drill although the bombs had precisely drilled fittings to secure the metal end caps. All but two of the bombs had over-soldering. Kaczynski had solder in the cabin but no soldering iron. How did he do it ?

3) Why is the "Nathan R" author never identified ?

If the government claims someone else wrote the famous note then who? Where is the handwriting match? I believe that few people curl an N the way I do  [Nathan R Note]. Why not even a human-interest story about the clerk who wrote the famous note? Additionally, the Nathan R note was not a bleed through impression as has been reported in the Press. I recorded the note directly with a pen without ink. During the writing of the note the surface slipped when the pen caught on the completion of the top of the R causing a second down stroke motion to complete the letter. The surface slipped again at the start of the W. While no slip marks show in the photo they should be apparent in an actual examination of the real note. Why not release the note for independent examination to verify or dispute this claim ?

4) Why is the person with the Unabomber ID SS# never identified  ?

He must have met the real Unabomber in a setting that allowed the bomber to gain the individuals Social Security Number  [LA Times]. Why has this never been adequately explained ? Why not even a confidential interview by the press about who, what, when, where, and most importantly HOW. Also, how has this person managed to stay "disappeared" for over seven years ? If the individual was Sean and he put two and two together during the interview, was he killed right out of the interview to silence him ? Why not release the name of this individual now ?

5) Why is the witness who saw the Unabomber never identified  ?

The witness is reported as willing to participate in a lineup  [Washington Post], then no lineup was ever reported in the press. No witness reactions have ever been described. Why ? If Kaczynski is the one and only bomber, then why can't this person be identified or at least confidentially interviewed ? Was the witness ever shown a picture of Dettling given the credibility level of my charges (3 polygraphs and multiple witness corroborations) ?

6) Why did the FBI repeatedly refuse the witness's requests for a new sketch for 7 years ?

The FBI Finally relented when the witness threatened to go public. The history of the sketch and the FBI is highly suspicious. At a time when they were spending millions on Task forces, Computers, Lawyers ad nauseum, they actually (bizarrely) claimed budgetary restrictions on spending funds for a single days work for a competent artist to get an accurate sketch ! The first sketches by FBI artists looked very similar to Kaczynski  [Sketches]. Why the telling observation by the witness that "Never mind what I think I saw. They'll tell me what I saw, and when I tell them it's off base, they'll just tell me again.   [Portraits of Guilt] Why did the witness have to go outside the FBI for a sketch artist, and then have to threaten the FBI with going public about their behavior if they did not use theaccurate one (according several reports). This sounds like the eyewitness is not obsessed with hiding as the FBI actions imply, on the contrary, it implies that they are obsessed with hiding the witness for their own reasons.

7) Why is the photo of the individual spotted at the Murray bombing never released to the public ?

Why was the search abandoned so abruptly ? When an individual who matched the description was seen fleeing the video cameras, local police certainly had an interest, why not the feds ? Sacramento Homicide Detective Gardner's comments on the issue are telling and worth a listen:  [Phone Interview] , More on Gardner's Reactions  [Phone Interview2]   [Commentary]). Given Dettling's apparent pre-disposition to flaunt evidence in front of unwitting individuals, an appearance at the last bombing could be considered to be in character. The age explanation is totally absurd,...even bizarre, as a reason to abandon such a promising lead  [San Francisco Chronicle]. Why has the picture of the individual who ducked the video camera and was the subject of an extensive search by local authorities never been released to the public or the press ?

8) Why has Ricky Timms never participated in any lineup, nor been shown any alternative suspects ?

Ricky Timms  [NY Times], the Janitor during the Angelakos bombing at Berkley in 1982, also produced a sketch reportedly similar to the final sketch. Why has the Timms sketch never been released ?

9) Why was the Nathan R note not released immediately ?

Why was it's release delayed, then combined with a reward of $1,000,000.00. When the Nathan R note first appeared why did the FBI not just release it immediately when the memory of the author should have been fresh. Why wait for four months, then combine it with a reward of $1,000,000  [LA Times DATED Oct 7]. Was the real reason for the huge reward increasing the call volume enough to hide the real author in the clutter if he happened to come forward ? Additionally, was avoidance of recognition the purpose of disguising the more memorable fact that it was written with a pen with no ink ?

10) Have public and private records been tampered with ?

On August 7, 1990  [USA Today] electronic records show a dated report in USA today which quoted the 3 dead and 27 injured. On Oct 6 1990  [USA Today]  a dated report appears for USA today naming 3 dead, 23 injured and 16 bombings. On October 6, 1990 the actual figures were 1 dead, 20 odd injured and 12 bombings. The tally would not reach 3 dead, 23 injured and 16 bombings for another 4 years. Given evidence on twa800.com of sophisticated records tampering no resolution to this is possible without an original hard copy. Could this be an attempt to erase a mention of the wooden gear witnessed by 9 people? Recent attempts to resolve this have only deepened the mystery. The official microfilm version of USA today retrieved from the Pa State Library is blank for the entire day of Oct 6,1990, leaving a long black segment of Microfilm. My pursuit of verifiable pre-existing Handwriting  [Nathan R Note] examples has proved particularly interesting in this respect. Records at North Yarmouth Academy ("Winifred Burnham Purge") and Allegheny College were erased for my years (1970-74) at sometime in the late 90's but maintained to date for previous and later periods. In 1997, months before my call,  two former Allegheny lovers and extended PenPals decided to suddenly burn love letters they had saved for twenty five years. Legal records  [Case Records] retrieved from a twenty year old accident, and independently searched by two parties (Mail Boxes etc Polson Mt and Kent Russell Attorney) prior to my taking custody, contained every handwritten witness statement except the one I wrote, and it was my case? Other similar incidents which are not as independently confirmable have occurred. I report the above without comment cause I can't make heads or tales of it either.

11) Why does a re-reading of old News Articles feel like a prepping handbook for the case ?

During the years prior to the Manifesto dozens of citations in the Press refer to the bomber as a luddite, brilliant, crazy, and a loner. The level of these comments in the years prior to the Manifesto is striking. Given that only limited written communications were received prior to 1995, how did they deduce all this from the bombs alone ? The media record in retrospect, appears to be carefully molding public expectations and perceptions. The record of News articles in the VanPac case [News History] are similarly troubling. The [Download site button] includes a folder (News) with a copy of every article published (labeled and ranked) and a number of other useful files and Details. See for yourself. Reading the news history of the case is highly enlightening.


Recent evidence links Kaczynski with invoices from the CIA Mind Control program MKUltra  [LA Times] in the early 60's at Harvard. Given the hard evidence evidence linking Dettling to the "Intelligence community" MB Associates  [Mitchel Page Resume], [Dettling Patent] one is forced to ask if the Kaczynski's Mk-Ultra Mind Control Program participation was a short or long term proposition. It seems like all roads in this murder spree lead to the "Intelligence Community". See also  [Atlantic Monthly].


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