VANPAC Bombing
Historical Listing of News Articles

12/18/89 Toronto Star FBI downplays Drug angle on the very First Day saying "Drugs no more prominent than several other avenues". Caseload is 60% Drugs !!
12/18/89 Daily Telegraph Local PD Says Drugs
12/19/89 USA TODAY NAACP Vance Bombs Tied immediately. Getting focus off drugs.
12/19/89 Independent 60% of Caseload is Dominated by Drugs
12/20/89 Independent Switching from Drugs To Race Motive
12/21/89 USA TODAY Robinson Funeral
12/21/89 Post-Dispatch Vance Funeral
12/22/89 Washington Post Editorial
12/22/89 Petersburg Times Letters
12/22/89 Union-Tribune Misc
12/23/89 Petersburg Times Maryland Judge Bombed also Drug Judge - connection to be established I assume !!!
12/30/89 Financial Times Racist Group Claims Credit
01/04/90 LA Times Leads
01/07/90 Sunday Times Letters
01/12/90 USA TODAY Profile
02/06/90 Petersburg Times Tributes
02/10/90 The Independent Robert Wayne O'Ferrell
02/13/90 Union-Tribune Items Siezed
06/12/90 New York Times Misc
11/01/90 Union-Tribune End Plates Threaded
11/08/90 Union-Tribune Nobody is stupid enough to paint the 2nd cardboard bomb box interior with black paint as well. You might as well sign the damned thing. Get Real this stinks !
11/15/90 New York Times Prosecutor Disqualify Defense Attorney but state no reason !!!
01/05/91 Los Angeles Times Innocent Plea
02/01/90 Atlanta Journal Cell Bugging - Insanity Defense
03/18/91 Post-Dispatch NUMEROUS Judges Decline
04/17/91 Atlanta Journal Insanity Defense
06/05/91 USA TODAY Wiretap Statement
06/23/91 New York Times Trial
06/27/91 LA Times Freeh On Moody
06/27/91 USA TODAY Moody Testimony
06/29/91 Atlanta Journal Moody Trial
07/02/91 Atlanta Journal State Trials
08/08/91 Atlanta Journal Moody First Trial
12/06/91 Atlanta Journal Oferrel
01/03/92 Atlanta Journal Alabama Indictment
02/20/92 Atlanta Journal Moody Transfered
08/13/92 Atlanta Journal Moody Testimony Garbled VERY SUSPICIOUS Too many similarities to too many other cases. MK-Ultra may be a factor here.
09/03/92 Atlanta Journal Courthouse Liquid
03/29/95 Atlanta Journal False Testimony Patriot Ted Banks Blows the Whistle on Freeh
03/30/95 Atlanta Journal Polygrapher
05/07/95 New York Times Book on Moodys trial - appears to be a put up job but has interesting info anyway
11/06/96 New York Times Bad Lawyers Moody smart enough to can bogus lawyers
02/11/97 New York Times Moody Death Sentance
03/30/97 Atlanta Journal Square End Plates
04/16/97 Christian Science Monitor Whitehurst
09/27/98 New York Times Whitehurst
11/25/98 Atlanta Journal Mail Labels - Typewriter never found !!!

FBI Most Wanted