A Classic Example of Noam Chomsky's

Unique Language Construct Theory

in Mind Control

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Its actually Un...A..bomber not Un...I...bomber. Unabomber is a serious case, Unibomber is the only multiple murder people are comfortable to laugh about. Funny but I can tell how you think about the case by how you spell it ! Welcome to the world of public mind control. Everybody used to spell the case Unabomber until the trial, then within a few weeks the spelling changed. You see Unabomber is a big scary thing - Listen - Pay attention - Dangerous- Vote a bigger budget. But then when you arrest the Patsy and have to explain the lack of evidence (The logs were generated in the FBI Lab according to Frederick Whitehurst) you shift the spelling by the general public to Unibomber - Like Unicorn, Unisex, UniCycle, Uniwierd this or that. STOP THINKING - STRANGE - FUNNY- HUMILIATING - AVOID - STOP THINKING. And magically at that point everyone stopped critically analyzing the case. They all remembered that he fertilized his veggies with his own poop - They forgot he was in MK-Ultra (CIA Mind Control program) starting in 1959 at Harvard. As a 16 year old fresh Freshman prospect he rang their bells so loud they code named him "Lawful" ...the mind control equivalent of Eureka! They all remembered he couldn't get a date, They all forgot he deposited money into his bank in Helena TWO HOURS after the Unabomber placed a bomb in a parking lot in Sacramento California. Fight the humor, fight the tendency in your mind for you to instantly consider any fact about the case absolutely ridiculous - take your mind back and seriously evaluate this- THEY use humor and ridicule when THEY are really worried about something - when THEY really screw-up and leave evidence all over the place. THEY did it with Kennedy, THEY are doing it again with Unabomber, and doing it times TEN. Take a good look - It will start your true understanding of the world you are living in.

The Mind Control Spelling Test

Ask someone to spell the following five words in order and watch their reactions
See below for scoring and explanation

Unadorned Adj Without Ornamentation
Unisex Noun Absence of sexual distinctions, especially in dress
Unadulterated Adj Not mingled or diluted with extraneous matter; pure.
Unicorn Noun A horse with a spiraled horn projecting from its forehead
Unabomber Noun A famous terrorist

Uni - Little or insignificant. Not worth thinking about. Funny like weenie.

Una - of singular importance


The Mind Control Spelling Test is a cute and disarming name for a mechanism to highlight the emotional tones which have been subliminally attached to two slightly different spellings of the most publicized terrorist case of the twentieth century. One Una =Think about this, its dangerous, and vote a bigger budget. The other Uni = Do not think about this, its weird and humiliating. Una came BEFORE the arrest, Uni came AFTER the arrest. Uni arrived magically when the trial evidence became a REAL problem. Serious thought and evaluation ended with the spelling change.

There are 216 spellings for Una--- none of them sound like Una-something. You can not name a Una-something. There are 248 spellings for Uni--- many of which sound like Uni-something. UniSex, UniCycle, UniCorn, Uniwierd-Something-Or-Other. It is what Chomsky would call a unique language construct in the English Language, it is linguistically highly unusual.

Unabomber is a made-up word. The fact that no comparable linguistic construction exists for Una where many exist for Uni makes the inducement of a switch in spelling easy and natural. The emotional valences to be attached to the spelling are then naturally reinforced by the multiple existing uni-absurd definitions. The purpose of the emotional valences to be attached is obvious. To create avoidance of ridicule reaction in the public and effectively end all debate at the moment "THEY" decide to terminate public thought and interaction with the case. An "off" switch if you will. Impressive.

National Public Radio The Culture Inside

Unabom was the most published news topic in history before 911. The case was carefully designed for maxium press coverage using tricks like bombings in pairs. This gets your coverage for the first one, endless talk about will there be a second one, then coverage of yes it really did happen,... and then you look really smart when it happens. The Obsession with the volume of coverage was for a purpose. Just such a heavy volume repetative impact was required and to enable it to manipulate the implicit bias values for a host of environmental terms. Using incredibly powerful tools, tools only recently understood in academia and described in The Culture Inside, this case cut the legs from the environmental movement at the worse possible time, systematically redefining implicit value combinations by repetition across the population. Term groupings and chains related to the environment and to the default social status of the evironmentalists themselves. The Change in the spelling of Unabomber and Unibomber was a root value affecting all others.

See: http://www.Unabombers.com


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