Unsubstantiated Evidence of Mind Control technology

FBI Cover-up #7

Why is the photo of the individual spotted at the Murray bombing never released to the public ? Why was the search abandoned so abruptly ? When an individual who matched the description was seen fleeing the video cameras, local police certainly had an interest, why not the feds ? Sacramento Homicide Detective Gardner's comments on the issue are telling and worth a listen:  [Phone Interview] , More on Gardner's Reactions  [Phone Interview2]  ). Given Dettling's apparent pre-disposition to flaunt evidence in front of unwitting individuals, an appearance at the last bombing could be considered to be in character. The age explanation is totally absurd,...even bizarre, as a reason to abandon such a promising lead  [San Francisco Chronicle]. Why has the picture of the individual who ducked the video camera and was the subject of an extensive search by local authorities never been released to the public or the press ?

To me this is one of the most interesting things to turn up in this very weird case. Detective Gardner is obviously a very bright alert perceptive officer with an exact recall of events ...who what where and when. The kinda guy you hope they would put on your case if somebody bumped you off.

But But But...the only thing he can't really recall with crystal and impressive clarity is the reason they did not pursue the most obvious suspect. He remembers who was manning the camera ...but not so clear on why its result is discarded without pursuit.

The lingering doubts and dissatisfactions of an honest man who is feeling puzzled about it all still is what I hear.

In the summer of 1993, when my handwriting, unknown to me, had suddently become the center of the search with a million dollar reward. I suddenly went to great lengths to make it drastically different using a methodical block print rather than script. I have no conclusive idea why. I was not aware of any outside influence and was not yet aware of my own involvement. The change was motivated by an inappropriate emotional response to my own handwriting which is of course illogical, nonsensical but nevertheless powerfully effective. Re-learning writing at 40 is quite a task involving substantial effort toward the goal. I printed for five more years ...even after I figured it out (when my Polson banker asked me about it in 1998). How would you derail a dedicated Detective from going after his prime suspect after walking through Gil Murray's guts all morning with the secretaries hysteria playing in his ears. Are the ample rumors of attitudinal Mind Control capabilities true ?  Can "they" really make a judges blood boil every time he looks at the defendant? I don't know. I only know that at age 42 I was suddenly overtaken by a strong negative emotional reaction to my own handwriting, ...at a very conspicuous time...1 month after the Nathan R note is found and three months before it is released in the New York Times on Oct 7 1993.

The morning the San Jose Mercury news arrived on my doorstep with the Nathan R note on the front page was incredibly memorable. I had been writing and selling a software product to manage physician referral with some modest success. Three hospitals had bought the product but sales were a slow process. The paper hit my doorstep with the normal thump, and as I retrieved it the phone began to ring. All morning it was one call after another, all of which sounded very interested. It was the busiest morning I ever had on the project by a factor of 10. In memory it seems like every time I went to take a break and reach for the morning paper the phone rang again. It was early afternoon before I finally got a spare minute to open the paper and read it. I immediately was drawn to the note as very curious, examined it for a minute or two, without thinking about it really, then went about the rest of the paper. I can't explain why I did not immediately recognize my own note, it struck me as incredibly odd and I went about my day. I did not remember the details of the morning until I saw the actual graphic after I had predicted it would be in my own handwriting. I have no explanation for this, but it certainly seems noteworthy. What exactly are we dealing with here?

I predict that if the conspiracy rumors of attitudinal control capabilities are true and a real capability does exist,  Democracy, Justice, Truth, the American Way, and the goodness of the American people itself will be swamped in its tide of pure unadulterated power.

Was it him ? I don't know. I never got a definitive answer. But I will probably keep at this until I do :)

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