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September 3, 1992

SECTION: LOCAL NEWS; Section C; Page 4

LENGTH: 142 words

HEADLINE: Flammable substance found outside federal courthouse



Officials at the State Crime Lab were analyzing a package containing a flammable substance found outside the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today.

The liquid, found in a metal container in an alley behind the courthouse, could not immediately be identified by Atlanta police who were called to the scene about 5 a.m. The Atlanta SWAT team was trying to determine if it had been put there deliberately.

Security has been tight at the courthouse since a package Bomb was found there in December 1989, just days after one of the court's judges was killed by a Bomb mailed to his home in Alabama.

Walter Leroy Moody Jr. of Rex was convicted of federal charges in connection with the death of Judge Robert Vance and the similar slaying of a Savannah lawyer and alderman, Robert Robinson.

Moody now faces a capital murder charge in Alabama.