An unusual pin (Jet engine part?) with the letters FC raised from the surface sat in Dettlings desk drawer. Dettling often repeated the joke "I am going to start a terrorist group called the F*cking C*nts" cause its so outrageous nobody will ever believe it.

Post Response received in twa800.com

Dan: The pin could possibly to be a device to adjust a servo, jackscrew, or some other item associated with a Flight Control such as an aileron, elevator, rudder, flap, slat, spoiler, or trim tab. The design lends itself to being inserted through one structure, into a slotted socket, and turned. The wire could very well be used to attach a red "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" type warning flag or pennant.

I do not agree with Trevor concerning the "stamp". The letters FC are raised in the metal, meaning that they were either machined or cast in the material. As an Aircraft Inspector for a large aerospace sub-contractor, I use and inspect "prid*e" and acceptance stamps every day. They are either applied with rubber stamp and ink, or stamped into metal with a die stamp. Neither one agrees with the description of this feature. Take a look. I could be wrong on all points.

But as I have previously stated, I'm flexible.