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Morph Neck Area Morph Source Photo Neck Area

A number if interesting and subtle patterns appear upon close examination of the bottoms of the sketch and photo. 1) Three distinct shadow patterns on the Neck ...a) The Larger shadow under the left jawbone to the necktie area of the neck b) The secondary dark shadow from the middle of the chin steeply down c) The tertiary photo shadow (Mid Mouth 45 degrees down to right) which appears in the sketch (far right at edge of hood) 2) The right shoulder shadow in the extreme lower right of the photo and the similarly patterned shadow in the sketch. 3) The white sidewalk area in the photo and the extra line on the left shoulder of the sketch 4) The dimple coloration in both sketch and photo on the chin   5) The Yellowing area on the left side of the face and in the hood sketch and 6) The upsidedown cresent shadow in the middle of the chin.

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FBI Photo Morph Frame-up