Most Terrible Crime

in Human History

Unabom shaped the public's attitudes toward environmental issues for decades adding ridicule and derision of the most powerful sort. The CIA and its linked Petro powers saw what the environmental movement did to smokestack america, and the Unabom case was their response to protect their profits. Unabom and its massive wave of carefully designed publicity shielded oil company profits, as intended, from the environmental movement with a cloud of manufactured ridicule, irrelevance and indifference.

Unabom was the most published news topic in history before 911. The case was carefully designed for maximum press coverage using endless publicity tricks. Bombings in pairs, weird intricate (very) discuss-able bomb designs, and dozens of other similar tricks were carefully designed into the case. Bombing in pairs for example, creates coverage for the first one, endless talk about will there be a second one, then coverage of yes it really did happen,... and then you look really smart when it happens, and then you get coverage for that.

The Obsession with the volume of coverage was for a purpose. Just such a heavy volume with repetitive impact was required to enable it to manipulate the implicit bias values for a host of environmental terms. Using incredibly powerful tools, tools only recently understood in academia and described in NPR's The Culture Inside. Unabom cut the legs from the environmental movement at the worse possible time. It systematically redefined implicit value combinations by repetition across the population. The massive publicity wave was targeted at Term Groupings and chains related to the environment and to the default social status of the Environmentalists themselves. The Change in the spelling of Unabomber to Unibomber after the arrest was a root value affecting all others.    

Unabom based publicity ultimately provided the margin of difference and then some to elect greenhouse gas promoting George W Bush 4 years later, not environmentalist Al Gore. It went on to provide the basis for much of the anti-environmentalist propaganda and anti-environment attitudes that have both dominated and debilitated ecological debates since... Eco-Nut, Tree Hugger, Funny (not to be taken seriously) environmentalists, etc etc. It debilitated efforts to limit greenhouse gas output right when it mattered most. Something to think about when you begin to gasp for breath from the heat after the power fails.

The perpetrators of this penultimate crime against humanity bear much of the responsibility for the murder of not just one human or three or six million, but of all life,... quite possibly forever. They are indeed central figures in the silencing of the songbirds of earth...

As terrifying heat waves rapidly enter the 120s, 130s and 140s, and we have our first mass death of thousands in a major city somewhere in the world... only then will the world stop laughing, and examine this case with the detail and the horror it so richly deserves. We are in new territory with Unabom. This is the next rung up the ladder from the Nazi's and Genocide. The three direct bombing casualties, and the wholesale Delegitimization of American Democracy itself, are dwarfed by the planet wide impact on all life for millennia which is just now beginning to take hold, and which was done by design in this case. The purpose was unrestricted and massive Oil Profits, but the real impact was both known and ignored.

Unabom requires another International Nuremberg trial. This time, the audience will be watching the perpetrators of crimes,... not against victims passed, but crimes which will soon devastate and kill they, the audience, themselves. Will we see justice for the billions about to die in soon-to-be terrifying killer heat waves, and for the trillions who will never be born... or are we going to go along and get along for the few years we have left?

God is watching.