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Crime writer Robert Graysmith, whose books include "Zodiac" and "The Sleeping Lady," has been working on a book about the Unabomber for two years. "I'm always fascinated with manhunts," the author says.

Graysmith's agent, who doesn't want his name known because he doesn't want to play hide-and-seek with the Unabomber, is getting ready for a book auction.

Graysmith is optimistic that the bomber will be caught soon. "By the time we get this done," he said, "they're going to have him."

Madonna intruder wounded by guard A security guard shot a man who apparently scaled a fence to get into the back yard of Madonna's Hollywood Hills, Calif., home while the pop star was away. Robert Roland Hoskins, 37, was shot three times in the arm and abdomen Monday evening, police said. He was in fair condition today. "There have been reports made by Madonna that he has been threatening her and stalking her," police Detective Mike McDonagh said. Last summer, Todd Michael Lawrence, 26, a drifter from Arizona, was sentenced to a year in jail for scaling Madonna's fence. He claimed to be Madonna's husband.

Flowers learns about politics Good news for these united states: Gennifer Flowers doesn't have her heart set on being first lady, thank God. "There's such a tremendous responsibility, along with a marriage and children," says the self-proclaimed adulteress in Bill Clinton's alleged past. "I'd rather sing in my nightclub and have a good time." Flowers is touring to promote her autobiography, "Passion and Betrayal." She claims she and Clinton had a 12-year affair.

Flavor Flav latest rapper to go to jail It's jail time: Flavor Flav, 36, the Public Enemy rapper with the big clock around his neck, was sentenced last week to three months for shooting at a New York neighbor in November 1993. The original charge, attempted murder, was reduced to a misdemeanor: weapon possession. The rapper (a k a William Drayton) also got three years of probation and was ordered to enter drug rehab.