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May 10, 1995, Wednesday


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BODY: MASSACHUSETTS Unabomber warns scientists

The Unabomber has sent letters to two Nobel Prize-winning scientists in Massachusetts warning them to give up their work in genetics and computers.

The FBI said Richard Roberts, head of research for New England Biolabs in Beverly, had received one of four letters sent April 20 from Oakland, Calif. The Boston Herald reported Tuesday that another of the letters went to Phillip Sharp, 51, head of the biology department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Graffiti linked to license loss

Young graffiti artists will lose their driver's licenses for up to a year under a law that takes effect Oct. 1. The new law requires judges to lift the licenses of minors who are caught scrawling graffiti.


PTA president arson suspect

A PTA president allegedly set a fire at a Harlem school to cover up her theft of $ 800 from a yearbook fund.

All 650 teachers and students - including Madeline Vasquez's 15-year-old daughter - were evacuated after the blaze broke out in a teachers' lounge. No one was hurt. Vasquez, 37, later confessed.


Babies saved from fire

Three babies were saved Tuesday when they were dropped from a burning apartment building and caught in the arms of two policemen.

Sgt. Christopher White and Officer Thomas Weil said they caught the children after residents dropped them out of the burning third floor in Queens.


Two ex-radicals sent to prison

Two former radicals who melted into the middle class in Pittsburgh during nine years on the FBI's most-wanted list were sent to prison Tuesday.

Claude Marks, 46, drew six years and Donna Willmott, 44, got three years in a Chicago court. They surrendered in December.

They pleaded guilty in February to a 1985 conspiracy to transport explosives for use by the terrorist group FALN. Prosecutors said the explosives were to be used to blow up part of Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary in Kansas and free FALN leader Oscar Lopez.