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May 2, 1995, Tuesday, 2 STAR Edition

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He coulda been a goner

The Broadway opening of the $ 2.5 mil ""On the Waterfront'' was expected to go on as planned Monday night despite a heart attack felling actor Jerry Grayson, 58, during the play's final preview Sunday. He was in stable condition Monday at St. Clare's Hospital, where he was reported ""sitting up and joking. '' He was to be replaced as a corrupt union boss's henchman by Robertson Carricart, who stepped in Sunday. Glenn Close (""Sunset Boulevard'') and Matthew Broderick (""How to Succeed in Business Without Trying'') were named Monday as best musical Broadway actors by the Outer Critics Circle. Best dramatic actors: Nathan Lane (""Love! Valour! Compassion! '') and Cherry Jones (""The Heiress'').

Terrence McNally (""Love! '') won for best play and Andrew Lloyd Webber (""Sunset'') for best musical.

Bomber's Penthouse

Bob Guccione, publisher of Penthouse and Omni mags, said Monday in an open letter that he will print the manifesto of the mysterious Unabomber ""in order to save lives. '' Last week the Unabomber, whose bomb attacks date to 1978, killing three and injuring 23, said in a letter to the New York Times that he'd end his terror campaign if a major outlet published his 29,000-word manifesto.

They're both nuts

The most attention-getting celeb at the annual White House Correspondents dinner last weekend? Tony Curtis, 69, and his 20-something, 6-foot-2, blond girlfriend, Jill Van Den Berg, in skintight dress and steel-studded dog collar. ""We are an item,'' Curtis said. ""I'm really crazy-nuts about Jill. I'm nuts about her, and she's nuts about me. ''

Walesa & Polish fleece

Lech Walesa had a colorful way last weekend of declaring himself a candidate to continue as Polish president. Said he: ""I am ready to be chief shepherd in the mountain hut known as Poland for another term. ''

Model behavior

Victoria Zdrok, the Villanova law student who made $ 20,000 as a Playboy playmate of the month last year, whines that she didn't get the $ 100,000 playmate of the year because Hugh Hefner's wife, Kim, thought the publisher nuzzled her. Hefner insists Kim's ""moment of jealousy'' had nothing to do with Zdrok losing the big dough and a new car to TV's ""Price Is Right'' model Julie Cialini, whom Zdrok says has a ""Mickey Mouse voice'' and is ""extremely close'' to Kim. Zdrok also notes that when she met Mikhail Gorbachev -- they're both Ukrainians -- ""Raisa was so jealous. ''

Sticking to baths now

Janet Leigh, sliced in the shower in the movie ""Psycho,'' is out later this month with what's reputedly the first inside book on the 1960 movie. In ""Psycho: Behind the Scenes of the Classic Thriller,'' the actress, now 67, says it took seven days to shoot the 45-second shower scene. ""I wore a moleskin suit, and it was very uncomfortable,'' she notes. And, yes, the picture got to her.

""I take baths, only baths,'' Leigh says. And if she's where only a shower is available, ""I make sure the doors and windows are locked, and I leave the bathroom door open and shower curtain open. ''

Books of kindness

The American Booksellers Association has named its 1995 ABBY winners, books of kindness that retailers love to recommend. The adult winner is ""Chicken Soup,'' a collection of inspirational stories by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen; the children's winner, Marcus Pfister's ""The Rainbow Fish,'' about a fish that learns to share what it most treasures.

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