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April 29, 1995, Saturday


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HEADLINE: Unabomber investigation focuses on Sacramento college campus

BYLINE: San Francisco Examiner



Days before two Unabom attacks in 1993, initials and a slogan now connected to the elusive mail-bomb attacker appeared as graffiti on campus buildings at Cal State Sacramento, a faculty member says.

The attacks in June 1993 injured university professors in Tiburon and New Haven, Conn. The FBI was drawn to the Sacramento State campus by the return addresses on the packages: Both named faculty members there.

One of those faculty members, Professor James Hill, said Thursday that just before the attacks, the initials FC and the word anarchy had been painted on several campus buildings.

Both the initials and the theme of anarchy were included in a leter to The New York Times immediately after the 1993 bombing. The initials and the anarchist theme were also part of a letter published in the Times this week after the latest Unabom attack killed a California timber industry lobbyist in Sacramento Monday.

A second letter this week, to Yale University Professor David Gelernter, also used the initials FC. Some parts of the bomber's devices have had FC carved on them, authorities say.

Agents who swarmed to the campus after the 1993 attacks never got a look at the campus graffiti because what was thought to be harmless graffiti was quickly washed away.