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HEADLINE: Unabomber hunted

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FBI agents scoured area machine shops Thursday for clues in the Unabomber case, trying to determine whether the bomber used any of the shops to make explosives, a federal investigator said.

The FBI denied TV reports that agents were searching for former Symbionese Liberation Army member James William Kilgore as a possible suspect in the case.

Kilgore was a bomb maker for the SLA, the group responsible for kidnapping Patty Hearst. He went underground in 1975 and was never caught. The Unabomber has killed three people and injured 23 since 1978. - Nurse suspended INDIANAPOLIS - State regulators on Thursday suspended a hospital nurse who was on duty for 130 of 147 deaths in an intensive care unit in less than two years.

Orville Lynn Majors was suspended from Vermillion County Hospital in Clinton because he was a "clear and immediate danger to public health and safety," Indiana State Board of Nursing member George Patton Jr. said.

A total of 147 people died in the hospital's intensive care unit from May 1993 to March 1995, the department said earlier this month. That was an average of 6.7 deaths per month, more than triple the previous rate of two a month. - Foster body moved? WASHINGTON - Two crime-scene experts said Thursday their review of Vince Foster's death led them to conclude there was a high probability Foster's body was transported to a Virginia park after he died.

U.S. Park Police and Whitewater prosecutor Robert Fiske found that Foster died in Fort Marcy Park of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr is reviewing the matter.

Disputing these findings, Vincent Scalice and Fred Santucci concluded that "homicide has not been ruled out" in Foster's July 20, 1993, death. Foster was deputy White House counsel and a close friend of President and Hillary Clinton.

Scalice and Santucci reviewed the case for the Western Journalism Center, a nonprofit group supporting the work of reporter Christopher Ruddy who has raised questions about Foster's death.