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April 28, 1995, Friday

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HEADLINE: Lumber companies refresh employees' security training SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER


Lumber companies are refreshing employees' training on security precautions after the bombing of their lobbying office in Sacramento, but say they feel less threatened because the fatal attack is attributed to the Unabomber rather than to their environmental opponents.

"Our reaction is basically one of shock," spokeswoman Mary Bullwinkel of Pacific Lumber Co. in Scotia, Humboldt County, said Tuesday, a day after the package bombing of the California Forestry Association killed its president, Gil Murray. "It's hard to believe that these types of things happen.

"In terms of security, we're educating our employees on what they might need to look for in terms of letters or packages that might be suspicious."

Timber interests have come under vigorous, and occasionally forceful, attack in connection with environmental issues over the past couple of decades.

Last week, three trucks owned by General Lumber Co. were damaged by pipe bombs under circumstances that remain murky.

A sheriff's investigator in Santa Cruz County, where the explosions occurred, said that "all possible motives" were under consideration but "there's no hard evidence" indicating a connection with other events such as the Sacramento bombing.

The sheriff's office in Humboldt County said it wasn't aware of any heightened concern after the Sacramento bombing.