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April 25, 1995, Tuesday, 3 STAR Edition

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"Unabomber' suspected

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A serial bomber with a fascination for wood is the likely suspect in Monday's bombing at the offices of a timber industry lobbying group that killed one person, the FBI said.

The mail bomb appeared to be the work of the so-called ""Unabomber,'' who is responsible for 15 previous bombings around the country in the past 17 years, said the FBI. Two other people have been killed and 23 injured in those blasts.

Monday's victim was Gilbert Murray, 47, vice president of the California Forestry Association. He had a wife and three children.

The Unabomber's name refers to his tendency to target universities and airlines. Some bomb parts are carved out of wood, one victim was named Wood and twigs have been included in a bomb.

His last victim, New Jersey advertising executive Thomas Mosser, killed at his home in December, lived on Aspen Drive.