Unabomber News History

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December 13, 1994, Tuesday, FINAL EDITION


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HEADLINE: Firm seeks to reassure workers

BYLINE: Dottie Enrico


Thomas J. Mosser spent much of his career advising clients like Johnson & Johnson on what to say publicly during a crisis.

But investigators and colleagues at Young & Rubicam were at a loss Monday to explain why the 50-year-old Madison Avenue ad executive was the target Saturday of a mail bomb attack.

The suspect, known only as Unabom, previously targeted people connected to universities, airlines or computers.

The FBI says it is reviewing Mosser's client list, which over the years has included several airlines as well as Xerox Corp. and Digital Equipment Corp.

Mosser was an expert in crisis management. He handled Coca-Cola's unsuccessful introduction of its New Coke product and later the return of Coca-Cola Classic.

He also handled damage control during the Tylenol tampering case and assisted Perrier when traces of benzine were found in the sparkling water.

"You could tell a lot about him by looking at his work," says long-time friend Dennis Shaw. "He told Tylenol to step forward and reassure the public. . . . He was someone who believed in the truth."

Young & Rubicam, which canceled Monday's holiday party, sought to reassure the company's 1,000-plus employees in a memo.

"While the FBI is fairly certain at this point that this incident is not connected to Y&R in any way, we have heightened security in the building and are asking you to heighten your awareness during the coming weeks," it said.