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December 12, 1994, Monday, FINAL EDITION


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HEADLINE: FBI: Serial bomber killed exec

BYLINE: Steve Marshall


A New Jersey advertising executive is the latest victim of a bomber blamed for another death and 23 injuries since 1978, FBI officials said Sunday.

Thomas Mosser, 50, died after opening a video-size package addressed to him at home in North Caldwell, N.J., the FBI's Barry Mawn said.

Mawn said agents don't know why Mosser was targeted, but agents believe his death is linked to 15 other mail bombs sent to individuals, companies and colleges in the USA.

"The components of the bomb, its construction, make us believe the bombs are linked," said Mawn.

He said it was "extremely powerful."

Saturday, the package exploded in Mosser's hand and blew a large hole in a counter, filling the house with smoke.

Mosser's wife, Susan, who received the package Friday, described it as small, neatly wrapped and white.

Mawn did not know where the package originated.

Officials call their investigation Unabom because an earlier incident was at a university and one was on an airliner.

"Progress is essential because there is great concern the bomber or bombers will strike again," said FBI agent Jim Freeman.

Richard McGowan, of Young & Rubicam Inc., where Mosser had recently been named executive vice president, said, "We are stunned by this senseless loss."

Officials are offering a $ 1 million reward in the case. To reach the task force, call: 1-800-701-BOMB (2662).

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