The accuracy of Jeanne Boylan's Unabomber sketch (the last/final sketch) helps to expose the FBI's Unabom Charade. Evidence Planting, fabrications, lies, and the witness objections to the frame-up are revealed by the FBI reactions to the three sketches. The witness demanded a new sketch for seven years and for the seven years prior to Boylan's sketch the FBI refused. They already had the sketch they wanted...and the sketch they wanted...the one the witness flatly rejected... looked a great deal like Ted Kaczynski

Morph generated Unabomber Sketch Morph Source Photo of Ted Kaczynski Morph generated Unabomber Sketch

(See Photo Analysis of  Forehead Face Neck)

Close examination of the early FBI sketches reveal deeply troubling details. Comparing the top left (University) photo and the early sketches... Shadow marks on the forehead are very similar between the university photo and both sketches. The shadow marks on the neck are nearly identical in all three. The crease on the right side of the nose is hidden in shadow in the photo, and does not appear in the either sketch. Shadow marks on the chin in both sketches seem to mimic the dimple in the photo. The break in the tousle of the hair appears similar in all three. The hedge from the right ear in the photo seems to briefly appear in the same place in the left sketch between the hood and the jaw line. Straight dark lines in the extreme upper right of the face in the left sketch seem derived from the window bars in the photo. Were the FBI sketches computer influenced in some manner by the one photograph of the suspect/patsy... which was sure to be released in the media... to increase post arrest recognition by the public ?

Teenage Ted Kaczynski meets Henry Murray Jeanne Boylan Unabomber Sketch J Ray Dettling

When the witness finally got her new sketch...the FBI resisted using it...until the witness forced the issue


The clear hint of a dimpled chin is particularly interesting. If the witness is ever identified and still alive (?), her evaluation of the original FBI sketch artist behavior could be interesting in this regard (if not a basis for prosecution). Did they repeatedly attempt a dimpled chin ? Did she object ? Is active participation in an intentional frame-up a prosecutable offense ? Even if you are a Fed ?

Additional Quotes from "Portraits Of Guilt" by Jeanne Boylan

He pulled out the 1987 Unabom case composite of a pointy-chinned, ruddy-faced, redheaded, blue-eyed man with a mustache, wearing a hooded sweatshirt. "This is the image we want you to correct. It's the only thing we've had to go by, but from the day we first released it, we've had an unhappy witness. She's maintained that this is not the right face. We need you to reinterview her and find out what went wrong."

"The reason for optimism is, ironically, the eyewitness's aggravation over the last sketch. That frustration might have helped lock in her original memory at a subliminal level no matter how much contamination the image has since been exposed to."

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